Composite materials have steadily grown in use in many industries from aviation, automotive, sports equipment and certainly in the construction industry.

PLP has been a major innovator in the composites field specializing in the design, engineering and manufacture of composite poles.

We've been building beautiful, durable, fiberglass flagpoles, lightpoles & lamp posts since 1968.

Announcing a new standard
for flagpole coating!

PLP Composite Technologies, Inc. is very pleased to announce a major breakthrough in its flagpole coating technology. While it’s true that we have steadily improved the quality of our flagpole coating over the past several years, it is only now that by using a new patented aliphatic polyurea coating formulation that we have undoubtedly propelled our product quality to a new advanced level.

This new chemistry has proven to outperform polyester based gel coat which is the standard for most of our competition. It provides an extremely hard, high gloss, yet flexible surface that has shown extraordinary South Florida testing results and accelerated ultraviolet cyclic weather testing.

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With over forty years experience, PLP Composite Technologies, Inc. is a leading U.S. Manufacturer of composite Fiberglass Flagpoles and Light Poles!

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